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Small Business Spoken Here

Online Small Business Training for Start-up and Existing Businesses developed and facilitated by SBDC (Small Business Development Center) Advisors - Claudia Pannell and Joanne Osmond.

Boots to Business - Information for military personnel and spouses who are transitioning out of the service. Boots to Business training offered quarterly at Naval Station Great Lakes.

Starting Your Business In Illinois is available in Spanish!  Iniciando su Propio Negocio goto eTraining for more information.

Benefits of eTraining: You can enhance your knowledge and boost your business skills with online eTraining anytime, anywhere. Don't rearranging your busy schedule or miss time with your family to take a traditional in-person course, you can learn whenever you want, wherever you want. In addition, you receive free counseling from America's experts in Small Business - SBDC Advisors.
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Prior to registering for our eTraining, read and agree to our
Online Training Policy. View all the free mini-classes HERE. 


 Start Strong

 Grow Strong

 Stay Strong

 with Certified Small Business Advisors

Follow-up with your SBDC Advisor upon completion of the course. Free counseling is available on the topics covered in the eTraining. Small Business Development Centers, located throughout the states, provide information, confidential business guidance, training, and other resources for startup and existing small businesses. 

Are You Ready?   $50

Are you ready to start your own business? Are You Ready? will lead you through a process to determine if you are ready.

Starting Your Business  $25

Starting your business is not as simple as pressing a button. Learn what is required to start so you don't miss a step in the process. 

Building You Business Team  $75

An entrepreneur’s success is dependent on the professional team that supports the small business. Go Team!

Business Planning Made Easy  $75

Business Planning Made Easy is designed to remove the intimidation of writing a Business Plan in a systematic, step-by-step way.

Strategic Planning for Small Business  $100

Strategic Planning for Small Business introduces processes that focus on four Key areas of business operations.

Cash Flow - Lifeblood of Your Business   $50

While a business can survive for a short time without sales or profits, without cash it will die. Cash is King!

Marketing for Success $50

Build a 7-Touch Marketing Plan that will reach your target market based on a clearer understanding of marketing concepts. 

Maximize Your Relationships  $40

Building successful relationships with employees, venders, and customers is vital to the success of an organization.

Navigating Healthcare Reform   $20

Be prepared for the major provisions of reform coming in 2014 and understand many of the provisions.

Igniting Self-Enabled Micro Businesses  $100 New! Twelve topics for individuals who want to start a business with limited resources, part-time, or if an individual needs a mentor or Micro Board to assist them.

 Small Business Spoken Here, eTraining is designed to supplement and reinforce the in-person conversations with SBDC Advisors, but they provide relevant information that benefits all small business owners!

The Start Strong Series
 ($175) includes Are You Ready?, Starting Your Business, Building You Business Team, and Business Planning Made Easy. Save $50!

Grow Strong Series
($200) includes Strategic Planning for Small Business, Cash Flow, Marketing for Success, and Maximize Your Relationships. Save $40! 

Is our eTraining right for you? Will it increase your knowledge and help your business grow? Watch this short presentation to select the eTraining that will provide you with the information you need to be successful. The Introduction to eTraining Video is glimpse at the training available for Small Business entrepreneurs.

Descriptions of available courses are included to help you decide which courses you need and when.  For States Specific course, select the state then identify the SBDC closest to you. The eTraining is currently in a Learning Management System (LMS) at

Prior to registering for our eTraining, read and agree to our Online Training Policy. Once you click on "I Agree," you can create a profile, sign up for courses, and access the eTraining and documentation in Excelleus. It is easy and a great way to learn from the SBDC experts.


We cover a wide range of business topics including business planning, marketing/sales, legal fundamentals, and technology. Our eTraining is as good as regular instructor-led courses because they are taught by certified instructors with a small business background. These experts have created a dynamic curriculum for each of the courses so you receive a quality education when you need it.

If you do not understand a topic or need additional information, you can schedule a counseling session free of charge at one of our convenient Small Business Development Centers. The convenience of attending an online eTraining session cannot be over stated. You will receive the same quality education when you need it, not when it is scheduled, or if the minimum/maximum class enrollment is reached. You can view an introduction is our eTraining programs at eTraining Introduction.

Please direct questions to 

Small Business Spoken HereCatalogState SitesTraining PolicySmall Business Mini-ClassesExcelleusHelpBusiness Advisor Certification