Business Consulting / Project Management

Do you know where you are going? Do you need help sorting out ideas from family, friends, and media? If you are thinking about changing careers or starting your own business, we can help!

Not sure what to do or how to do it? The more important the project, the more important it is to find a knowledgeable coach or project manager. With over fifteen years as a manager of small and large organizations, we are the answer for small businesses and entrepreneurs. When you invite us to join your team, you will be prepared to succeed. With reasonable prices, small business expertise, and extensive resources to help, we add the strength of many to your team. We focus on helping you learn how to run your business the right way so you grow and reach your full potential.

With expertise in team building, strategic planning, communication styles, customer service, and process definition, we help you:

• Manage change effectively
• Utilize business expertise
• Facilitate process improvements

Business Coaching – We have years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and in small businesses. We bring that expertise to you and provide private coaching to address your business vision. Project Management If you need assistance in implementing a project, we will assist you or recommend affiliated project managers who are experts in business implementation and process improvements. Home Office Optimization Technology can be challenging to business owners. But so can phones, furniture, tax credits, and many other aspects of setting up a business in your home. We have experts in home office development who can help you get the most our of your home office.