Monitor your progress and watch your business grow.

Do you run your business by instinct and hope for the best? Do you wonder if you are making progress in achieving your goals? Do you know how to set priorities so you focus on what will bring overall growth?

We provide the tools necessary to make a difference in managing and tracking what you have done, what are currently working on, and what you should start working on next. Businesses need to focus on their Products, their Customers, their Finances, and their People.

Using Growth Wheel a business owner can visually see their progress and track key milestones and accomplishments. Growth Wheel also provides worksheets that fine tune the goals you set as a business owner.

Attractive Business Concept Meeting or creating demand – Getting the right business idea and designing the right product portfolio. Selling it to the right customer segments using the right revenue model and doing so while maintaining a strong market position.

Lasting Customer Relations Finding and keeping clients – Network to get the right introductions. Choosing the right way to do marketing and organizing an effective sales process. Getting in the media and on the customers agenda buy handling communication and PR. Living the values that shape the branding of the products and company.

Strong Organization – Building teams and partnerships – Finding the right ownership and board, recruit and develop the right employees. Outsourcing tasks through partnerships with suppliers and contractors and mapping core business processes. Having the legal framework in place for working together.

Profitable operations – Being productive. Making money – Making sure the right financial practices are in place and ensuring that there is enough funding for profitable investments to be made. Setting up the right production and delivery system to secure profitability, IT-systems to make operations profitable and facilities that makes the operations effective.