Faith-Based Belief System

Are you frazzled, disorganized, and unsure what your next step should be?  Connecting Pathways can help you bring order to your business and assist in developing an effective marketing or strategic plan. Claudia Pannell and Joanne Osmond are Certified Business Development Advisors with over 15 years of experience helping small businesses thrive before, during, and after the recession. They are driven by their faith and rely on God to help direct them when serving their clients.

Together they developed online classes for small business owners and wrote the certification program for business advisors used throughout the United States. They are the expert’s experts.

Claudia and Joanne excel at creating order out of chaos. Business uncertainty, marketing options in a digital world, financial morass, a disconnected environment, unclear vision and clouded foundation, missing strategy, goals and objectives, disconnected purpose, multiple paths, multiple options, multiple choices … this is the chaos we see so often in business today.  With two project managers, bred in a corporate world, and seasoned with over fifteen years of working at a Small Business Development Center in the Chicago suburbs, your path will become clear and your goals align with your vision, mission, values, and purpose.

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