Broken or Reborn

Have you ever watched that reality cooking show “Chopped”?  Talented chefs compete to test their abilities to create, reinvent, and execute a meal under intense time pressure.  All they know coming into the competition is they will be preparing dishes in each of three rounds for a panel of highly qualified judges using the food items in a covered basket within the time constraints provided.

For small business owners, the first half of 2020 has been much like being a contestant on that reality show.  It is more than your skill and reputation on the line.  It has not only been their livelihoods, but that of their families and employees.  Business owners have had many choices to make and are still making them.  The ability to be agile, flexible, innovative, creative, and above all fearless in the face of uncertainty, has determined their place in the competition. 

One thing we are learning is business owners can resolve to dig their heels in, ride out the storm and expect to be saved or they can create their own future understanding that forward motion moves fastest when staying alert to meeting the needs of others.