Mission Statement

So, if the scriptures can show us what Christ’s mission was and what our personal missions are in life, doesn’t it stand to reason that our businesses should mimic our personal missions?

I feel as Christian entrepreneurs it is our duty to do just that. The Mike Patton Auto Family in LaGrange, Georgia provides an example of following that biblical truth. Their Mission Statement reads, “The Mike Patton Auto Family seeks to honor God by impacting the lives of our employees, customers, and community.” Many of our clients at Small Business Spoken Here ask if their Mission Statement should really be their personal Mission Statement? That’s a great question. We might guess from the Patton Auto Family example, theirs probably is the same. We would suggest your business and personal Mission Statement should be aligned, if not the same. If they are not aligned, you are opening yourself up to potential conflicting messages. When that happens, chaos ensues.

To sum it all up, follow your heart in writing a picture filled with passion and colored with the excitement of what you do every day to serve and honor our Lord, Jesus Christ! And be sure to share it with your Accountability Partner.

Ask them to examine your mission and tell you if they feel the passion. Ask them if they can feel and see how this mission statement drives you in serving and honoring Jesus Christ!