A Dream on a Firm Foundation

It was a vision, a hope, a dream. One moment it was clearly in sight and moments later the clouds and fog rolled in and the vision was gone. Uncertainty overtook hope and doubt crept into the thoughts where dreams once lay. It was paramount to take those wispy initial thoughts and solidify them into a firm foundation that would stand firm during the darkest storm.

With ideas tumbling around, it can be hard, but not impossible, to build that foundation alone. Good business advisors play an important role in sorting out and guiding the discovery process. Either alone or with assistance, start now to discover or rediscover what your purpose is in this new world.

  1. Define key words that will form the building blocks of your foundation– Vision, Mission, Values, and Purpose.
  2. Select four – six values that are vital to you and your organization.
  3. Based on the values, develop your mission, vision, and purpose statements.
  4. Finally develop strategies to achieve your vision though execution of your mission while staying true to your purpose.

The dream will become a reality when built upon a firm foundation.