Vision Statement

The Vision statement must be clearly stated. You may have heard this before, and it is still true. If the Vision statement is foggy, vague, ambiguous or something similar, the message will not be understandable. Quite often we over-think and over complicate our Vision statements.

Vision statements need to be clear and concise so that others can grasp the meaning easily when you state it to them. When you do, they can then share it with others in exactly the same way without changing the message you are sending. Nehemiah understood this principle and his vision was clear, “…let us build up the wall of Jerusalem…”(Nehemiah 2:17, KJV). As this message spread through the land, I don’t imagine folks were running around saying, “Hey, there is going to be a picnic on the town square!” I imagine it spread quickly from one to many as “We are building up the wall of Jerusalem!”

Also, notice how specific it is. You don’t see Nehemiah over complicated the obvious with extra words like “and then” or “while we” or “with additional”. Vision statements are clear, concise, specific, and written to be understood by everyone who reads or sees it.

Finally, Vision statements should invoke emotion from those who write them and convey that emotion in all that experience that vision. Nehemiah knew he needed to express in words the perseverance to keep folks building that wall. He also knew he needed to communicate the need to be brave and courageous when things started to get tough. The people Nehemiah was facing were individuals who had lost or forgotten their dreams. He needed great emotion to drive the vision. His words were emotional and painted a picture for all to see, “…and end this disgrace!”(Nehemiah 2:17,NLT).

The emotion of our Vision statements should paint pictures so clearly that we can visualize the future state and will know when we have arrived. The emotion should reinforce the future state and be dependent on working toward the new possibilities. Nehemiah set the bar high.

How does your Vision statement measure up?