As I close on my thoughts about Vision statements, here is a reminder for us all…first, seek God’s will for the organization. Then when you are writing your organization’s Vision statement and to envision the best outcome, consider these three points:

1) Think Long Term by describing outcomes that are five to ten years out;

2) Make It Emotional by dreaming big and focusing on success; fill it with passion;

3) Add Sensory Details by painting a graphic mental picture of the organization you want.

Begin your draft statement and when you think you have it together, take a break from it. Let it resonate for a day or two. Take the extra time to consider running it by your Accountability Partner asking them to comment on whether it resonates with what they understand you are seeking in your business. Ask them if it paints that picture of the future not what you are doing now. And most importantly, continue to seek God’s will and begin to tweak the Vision statement until it is exactly the Vision you have for the organization.